Welcome to Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy

For 35 years, Sutherland-Chan School & Teaching Clinic has led the way in training exceptional massage therapists. Taught by massage professionals, our customized curriculum focuses on classroom-to-clinic integration and experiential learning. We offer two highly respected massage therapy programs: a Standard Program and a One-Year Accelerated Option - both programs are full-time and are taught Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Contact us through our online form and we’ll help you decide which path is the best one for you.

Massage Therapy Standard Program

This full-time program is designed for applicants who meet the regular admissions criteria. With January, May, and September start dates to choose from, this 2212-hour program will take you through the academic, practical and clinical aspects of effective massage therapy. We view massage therapy as a health care profession rather than an aesthetics or service occupation; as a result, we provide a truly comprehensive program. Basic academic programs and hands-on lab hours are combined with progressive courses in hydrotherapy, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular conditions, joint mobilization, neurology, pregnancy and sports massage, and more. Fill out our online form for more information.

One-Year Accelerated Option

With our full-time accelerated option, students receive substantial advanced standing as the result of a Prior Learning Assessment. To qualify, students must have a university degree in Health Sciences—for example, Kinesiology, Physical Education or Biology—or be a foreign-trained medical doctor or physiotherapist. Eligible students complete the program and qualify for provincial massage therapy certification in 12 months. The program is offered once a year and starts in early June. Contact us today to see if you qualify. 


At Sutherland-Chan, we offer our students practice clinics, where they can work closely with an instructor to work on their practical or technical skills. As well, we offer tutoring services for both practical and theoretical subjects. Our Special Needs Support assists students whose physical or mental health or learning challenges require additional consideration. Students can make their voices heard with a Class Rep System that allows one or two elected representatives to attend monthly meetings with Sutherland-Chan administration.

We offer a warm, energetic and engaged environment where each and every one of our students can gain the knowledge and acquire the skills needed to begin a career in massage therapy with expertise and confidence. Fill in our form now to get more information on our programs and campus.


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Our Campus

2 minutes west of Dupont subway
330 Dupont Street, Suite 400
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